“We are thrilled that we connected with you! We feel very lucky to have found someone that made the whole loan process so easy. We really feel that you looked out for our best interests and we thank you for that!” -Katy and Tim M.
“Jody was wonderful!” -Kurt and Aline
“Jody was great on reviewing different options with me.” -Tim C.
“Jody returned my calls immediately and exceeded my expectations. She was extremely timely; closed less than two weeks from offer/acceptance.” -Camilla
“Jody helped me find the right loan for my needs.” -Alyssa
“Jody was efficient, fast and friendly.” -Jason
“Jody really put our minds at ease. Thanks for making buying our first home a smooth ride!” -Nicole and Daniel
“I enjoyed Jody’s ‘Get things done’ attitude.” -Jerald
“Jody knows what she is doing and is very professional.” -Lance and Janel
“Jody is professional and confident. She definitely knows the mortgage business.” -Jayson
“I loved her friendly demeanor and willingness to help find the best option for me.” -Kristin
“What I like best about Jody is her creative thinking, her sense of humor and responsiveness.” Jeff
“Jody was very easy to talk to and she understood where I was coming from. She answered all my questions.” -Tim B.
“Courtesy, promptness, good communication skills.” -anonymous
“I felt like I could trust Jody with my most important financial decisions right from the start.” Karla
“I enjoyed her ability to make me feel comfortable. Her knowledge and the seeming ease with which she made everything come together and work was great.” -Marla
“Great service, very helpful, a pleasure to work with.” -Roger
“Professional, friendly, fast—she’s a wonderful person.” -Greg and Maggie
“She had a willingness to answer all of my questions no matter how many times I asked the same question.” -Denissa
“She was prompt and gave me a good explanation of the process.” -Gretchen
“She is very easy to reach when I have a question. Great personality!” -Brent
“Jody was SUPER! She handled everything and we didn’t worry. On a scale of 1-100, Jody gets a 110!” -Chad and Marianne
“Jody is personable, professional, reliable and fun.” -Anil
“We liked her ability to keep us informed, and the speed at which she worked. Her quick turnaround time allowed us to close in a very short time.” -Matt and Shelly
“She offered us many loan options and personal attention.” -Trent
“Such a positive, can-do attitude, so few hassles.” -Maren
“Jody explained the things I needed to know and got everything done seamlessly. I didn’t have to worry about the details, which was NOT the case with Wells Fargo.” -Krista
“Jody listened to our needs and found the best mortgage for our situation.” -Barb and Orion
“She works very hard for her clients.” -Julie
“Jody is friendly, committed, and takes care of business!” – Nicole
“Knowledge and explanations of loan options in an easy-to-understand way.” -Kendra and Jeff
“I am a first-time homebuyer, and Jody was very patient and respectful, even when my questions were basic!” -Stephanie
“Explained in terms that I could understand, and no question was a dumb question.” -Kristi
“Brains, speed, service!” -Zachary and Shawn